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ESPonDemand: Complete, Accurate and Updated Information

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ESPonDemand: Complete, Accurate and Updated Information

King's Publishing Inc. Chooses ESP to Fulfill Diabetes Health

Letter From the President

Customer Service Comes Home With Call Category Report

Tammy Veenis Fills New Position of Audit Manager

ESP Clients Now Include SOBE News and Ocean Drive

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For those of you who login and use the "pubservice" system, we're sure you’ve grown to appreciate the features that it offers. ESPonDemand is not a change to that system but rather a re-branding. It is also a way to distinguish the tools that the circulator uses from the individual subscriber Web pages that are offered on pubservice.

For those of you who have never used it, ESPonDemand is a better name that fits the service. When you need answers to help you do your job they are available instantly, on your demand.

Getting you the answers you need in a timely fashion is a philosophy that permeates our company. We’ve been working with real-time systems since our inception, so we are accustomed to providing up-to-date answers to our clients. Our goal is to provide you with a complete, accurate, up-to-date view of your most valuable asset–your subscribers. What ESPonDemand does is enhance and automate that process.

The most commonly used feature is the search. You can find subscribers based on the most common criteria and also on the fields that are specific to your publication. After finding the subscribers you want, you can download them straight into Excel so you can manipulate and sort the data.

 Below is an example of the standard search screen.

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(Click on image for expanded view)

ESPonDemand can do much more for you than just let you search your subscriber database and download names. Let’s review some of the additional features that may not be utilized as often as the search. Perhaps you can pick up a tip or two that might help you better utilize your data.

Company Name Variations

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(Click on image for expanded view)

This function allows you to search for a Company Name under different spellings of the company name. This is especially useful when one company has merged with another one and you want to do a combined search. It’s also helpful to satisfy the question of the pesky ad sales guy who wants to know how many copies you are serving to a certain company. Don’t forget that with this tool you can build your own custom list of company names.  


Yes, documentation can be boring, but when you need it, you want it onDemand. Our documentation can be reached under the documentation link on the main menu. There are several categories of documentation, including: documents for Customer Service Reps use, report descriptions, and the ESPonDemand manual. The customer service documentation is organized into a standard structure for ease and speed of retrieval (see below).

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(Click on image for expanded view)

Ad-hoc Reports

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(Click on image for expanded view)

We’ve been moving some of your favorite reports to the web so you can run them when you’d like.  This lets you answer some of those questions that span dates across the same report. An example would be the Sales by Source report. If you wanted to know the sales for the last 12 months, you’d have to take the report run in the month-end report package for the last 12 months and paste the numbers from each report into excel to add them all up. With the ad-hoc reports you can select any date range you like and run the reports for that date range. Many other criteria can be selected to run the report how you like it, onDemand.

 Match Tool

We’ve talked about this tool in one of our earlier newsletters. It’s a handy tool that allows you to perform a match and then retrieve lists of accounts that match and those that don’t match. For more details please refer back to our Spring 2004 Newsletter or ask your Account Executive.

ESPonDemand is ultimately a tool designed to make you more efficient at your job. It’s a tool that has evolved largely from input from our customers. ESP listens to our customers and responds to your request with innovative solutions like XML Web Services and ESPonDemand. As always, we are open to suggestions to improve our service to you and we truly value and appreciate your input.