Send The Chronicle Board Report, the new digital newsletter for nonprofit board members and their executive directors to our office at the e-mail address below. Our organization will forward each issue to our members. I understand that if I am not fully satisfied, I can get ALL my money back.

With the Chronicle Board Report, we'll show you:
  • How you can involve your board in raising money.
  • How you can deploy their talents in support of your organization.
  • How you can tap their knowledge and gain from their experiences.
  • How you can get everyone on the same page, playing their role, acting in unison.
  • How you can unleash their full potential to help you attract more volunteers. Rally more advocates. Serve more people. And make more of a difference to your cause.
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I absolutely love this report. The format makes it an incredibly useful tool. Many board members shy away from reading articles in The Chronicle. That may be because of the length, or simply because of the quality of the photo copy. This format provides just the right amount of information and it is easily disseminated.

William L. Payne, M.S.
Residential Director
Indian Creek Foundation
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